Managed Pressure Drilling 2K Coriolis Meter Skid – Availability Update

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Managed Pressure Drilling 2K Coriolis Elite 400P Meter Skid with 2700 Transmitter РClick to see data specification

The MTC Coriolis metering manifold has been designed to measure the mass flow or volumetric

flow rate, density and temperature of the drilling return fluids and produced liquids with a

maximum allowable working pressure 2000psi. The flow meter and manifolding come packaged

in a skid and crash frame with fork lift pockets and lifting sling set and can be supplied with DNV

2.7-1 approval if required. Unit is configured for transportation in horizontal position and for

operation in vertical position. The metering skid is equipped with a remote mount transmitter

with local display and two independent 4-20mA outputs for flow rate and density.

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