Managed Pressure Drilling Manifold with Integrated Coriolis Flow Meter 2k PSI – Availability Update

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Managed Pressure Drilling Manifold with Integrated Coriolis Flow & Density Meter and Back pressure control system – 2000 PSI

Managed Pressure Drilling Manifold with Integrated Coriolis Flow Meter 2k PSI

This is a Stock build Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) manifold which has been designed and manufactured by MTC to automatically maintain the annulus surface back pressure during balanced or underbalanced drilling operations within a predetermined pressure operating window using a set of two tight shut off capable electrically actuated full bore drilling chokes controlled by a PLC based control system to maintain the selected set point pressure and an HMI interface panel for operator input of required settings and for displaying control system input and output parameters.

The manifold hardware package consists of:

A double block and bleed 4” x 6” ANSI #900 2000psi WP Ball valve design with independent 4” flow paths to dual electrically actuated 3” ID full bore tight shut off capable drilling chokes and including a single block 6” full bore bypass or gut line with an integrated 4” Micro Motion Coriolis Flow and Density meter installed downstream with 4” isolation and 6” bypass ball valves. The complete manifold assembly is installed in an offshore DNV 2.7-1 approved skid and crash frame with lifting sling set and fork lift pockets and includes explosion proof lighting and large general purpose toolbox.

The manifold choke control system hardware and software package consists of:

A set of Zone 1 Eexd enclosures and an intrinsically safe operator control panel enclosure which houses the touch screen HMI panel and set of control options selection switches to control the Managed Pressure Drilling choke manifold functions. A set of intrinsically safe pressure and temperature transmitters to provide the input to the control system and an intrinsically safe integrated alarm beacon and sounder system all inter-connected via armoured cable and explosion proof Zone 1 glanding.

The choke control system software has been designed to automatically control the electrically actuated drilling chokes either independently or in parallel to accurately maintain a pre-determined upstream set point pressure using a set of very user friendly switching and touch screen interface options to accurately maintain the selected set point pressure during the MPD drilling operations. Listed below are the main Operational and Safety features of the Managed Pressure Drilling manifold and control system.

  • 100% operational redundancy of the Drilling chokes.
  • Digital and backup mechanical choke position readouts on Drilling chokes.
  • Fail in last position logic in case of power failure on Drilling chokes.
  • Includes backup mechanical operation of chokes if required.
  • Includes integrated flow and density monitoring and recording.
  • Includes fixed choke mode for more accurate back-pressure control at higher flow rates.
  • 100% redundancy of the upstream and downstream pressure transmitters.
  • Includes upstream and downstream temperature transmitters.
  • Choke failure and choke plugging logic activates audible and visual alarms.
  • Includes permanent recording of all control system events and input-output data.
  • Double block and bleed ANSI / ASME ball valve philosophy on choke flow paths.
  • Includes set of integrated 30 meter long SCADA and WITS extension cables to allow remote operation of the manifold control system and additional independent data output to WITS when required.
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