Well Testing 15K HPHT Equipment – Availability Update

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Subject to prior sale.


Well Test HPHT Package Equipment items availability – Subject to prior sale

  1. 3-1/16″ 15,000psi Flowhead in DNV basket
  2. 3-1/16″ 15,000psi Double Block & Bleed 9 Valve Choke Manifold 
  3. 15,000psi Twin Pot Sand Filter in CSC/DNV frame (Trailer Mountable) 
  4. 15,000psi 4MMBtu Steam Heat Exchanger in CSC/DNV frame
  5. 10,000psi Twin Pot Sand Filter in CSC/DNV frame (Trailer Mountable) 
  6. 4-1/16″ 10,000psi Flowhead in DNV basket
  7. 2,000psi 42″ x 10ft All Coriolis 3 Phase Separator with Water cut meter in DNV Frame
  8. 100Bbl 150psi Twin Compartment Surge Tank in DNV frame
  9. 1 x Set of HPHT ancillaries including 20K Pressure test pump, 20K Chemical injection Pump, 15K DWT, 15K Pressure recorder 

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