Well Testing Prototype Builds – Availability Update

Select an MTC in-stock or Advanced Delivery Well Test Package Today

Subject to prior sale.


Well Testing Prototype Builds

  1. 4-1/16” 10,000psi  5 Valve Twin pot Debris / Trash Catcher manifold on DNV skid – One available End February
  2. 4-1/16” 10,000psi  8 Valve Double block & Bleed Clean up Choke manifold with hydraulic chokes – One available  End February
  3. 4 Phase Well test Separator in DNV frame – 48″ x 15′ -1440 Psi – One available End March
  4. 90ft Trailer mounted Hydraulic 2 section Vertical flare stack – 12″ Main gas line – One available End March
  5. Triplex Pump Skids Package – Zone I with electric drive in DNV frame and VFD Control panel – One available End February

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